Faculty Areas of Specialization

Areas of Specialization

Our Faculty

Sociology is is a broad science, covering many different disciplines the social sciences.  Sociology is the study of group life.  As a social science, it combines scientific and humanistic perspectives in the study of urban, and rural life, family patterns and relationships, social change, social policy, intergroup relations, social class, environment, technology and communications, health care and illness, social movements, community responses to disasters, and many other social issues.


We study diversity and inequality from an intersectional perspective. Our faculty specialize in one or more aspects of race, indigeneity, gender, class, sexuality or disability, and as a department we approach these subjects intersectionally, paying attention to the ways they intertwine.


We study cultural theories, popular culture, mass media, social movements, body image, globalization, urban & community sociology, gaming, disaster vulnerability & resilience, and food systems.

Research Methods

We teach qualitative (ethnography, participant observation, program evaluation, interview) & quantitative (statistical) methodologies and applied/evaluative research.

Justice Studies

We study criminal justice, race and crime, law and society, juvenile delinquency, drugs, youth gangs, restorative justice, and at-risk youth.

Globalization and Development

We study development, global feminism, food security, social movements, livelihood security, and disaster studies.