Alumni & Community Resources

Alumni & Community Resources

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Visiting Scholar Program

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The Visiting Scholar Program (VSP) within the UCCS Department of Sociology provides temporary appointments to visiting researcher scholars and visiting graduate student researchers to conduct sociological research under the guidance of our faculty members.

The VSP is a unique research opportunity that emphasizes international collaborations and exchanges, cross-cultural research, and a wider global vision. In recent years, the Department of Sociology has accommodated several visiting scholars from around the world who completed global-local research projects and shared their research with our faculty members and students.

The Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion

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The mission of the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion is to examine and challenge systems of oppression and privilege in society and to implement effective solutions through comprehensive educational programming, literature, institutes, and workshops locally, nationally, and beyond.

Knapsack Institute

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The Knapsack Institute (KI) is a three-day summer intensive institute focused on transforming teaching and learning practices in ways that support social justice. Any educator wishing to attend can find more information and an application through the link below.

White Privilege Conference

Faculty in the UCCS Department of Sociology recommend (and frequently participate in) the White Privilege Conference, an annual event organized by the Privilege Institute that helps participants understand the roots of privilege and inequity in society in order to begin to dismantle them. The conference is open to all--from high school students to university faculty, from social workers to corporate representatives, healthcare workers to high school teachers, activists to members of the spiritual community.