Nicholas Lee, MA

Nicholas Lee, MA

Nicholas Lee, MA

Senior Instructor
Department of Sociology

Biographical Information

Nick's research and teaching interests include sport, social theory, political sociology, and revolutions and social change. He teaches the following courses:

  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1110) - Fall and Spring 
  • Sport and Society (SOC 3300) - Summer 
  • Introduction to Political Sociology (SOC 2010) - Fall
  • State and Society (SOC 4010) - Spring

Nick also teaches the following HUM 3990 courses in the Humanities Department: 

  • Resistance and Revolution 
  • Why We Think The Way We Do: Ideologies and Isms 
  • Is Another World Possible? Stateless Societies

Nick is the Online Program Director and the Director of the Civics Certificate in WEST and Sociology