Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Requirements

The portfolio is only available to students who entered the Sociology Master’s program prior to fall 2020


  1. Academic Résumé (example available)
  2. Self-statement (3-5pages) —detailing what you have learned in the Masters Program and the connections you see between what you learned and your future professional or academic goals.

Please also briefly address your academic growth in the following areas:

  1. Critical thinking skills
  2. Ability to write in a clear and logical manner
  3. Expressing sociological knowledge in verbal communication
  4. Utilizing core theoretical perspectives in sociology to understand, analyze and assess social experiences
  5. Collect, analyze, and interpret sociological data effectively
  6. Understand key social phenomena of deviance, globalization, social change, multiculturalism, structural inequality, and the intersections of race, class, gender, and other forms of stratification.
  7. In-depth knowledge of a substantive area of sociology
  • Photocopy of original term papers (with grade and professor’s comments from the required list of Sociology courses: 5160 – Theory 5070 – Research Methods and one of the following sociology courses: 5170, 5180, 5200, 5370, 5830, 5950 or 5830 – Advanced Methods
  • For each of the above papers you need to write a 1 page addendum, discussing what you would change about the paper if you were to rewrite it today.
  • You are also encouraged to include the paper you most enjoyed writing or which reflects the area within sociology you found most interesting.
  • Please print your UCCS MA term by term class listing and include in the portfolio.

A copy of your portfolio should be given to Rosemary Kelbel approximately 2 weeks before your scheduled Oral Exam.


  1. You should plan to start with a well-thought out, 10-15 minute presentation. This presentation is a reflection on your portfolio, for example: how do you see your studies in the Sociology graduate program at UCCS as potentially informing and relating to your next professional steps? Presentations will be timed to ensure faculty can pose questions to the MA candidate.
  2. Be prepared to address any theoretical, methodological, and substantive content evident in your portfolio (a list of example questions is available from Rosemary Kelbel).