Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

The Graduate program currently offers four graduate certificates; one in Disability Studies, one in Diversity, one in Advanced Research Methods in Sociology, and one in Teaching Sociology.

Coursework that meets the requirements for a certificate also counts toward the total credits required for the Masters. In addition, the sociology department participates in an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Disability Studies. The certificates we offer are not gainful employment certificates, instead they are course of study certificates.

The Graduate Faculty of the Sociology Department has a strong emphasis in diversity and inequality issues, highlighting race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class. For sociology graduate students wishing to concentrate in these areas, we offer a graduate certificate of specialization. Completion of the certificate provides evidence of specialized study.

According to sources within the Veterans Administration, since Fall 2016 the G.I. Bill can only be used to fund courses in a legitimate degree program with a specified course load. The Graduate Certifications in Advanced Research Methods, Teaching Sociology and Diversity are not part of the formal education degree program and therefore cannot be funded by the G.I. Bill. Always double-check with the VA for the latest information on G.I. Bill eligibility and requirements since policy changes make our posted information obsolete.

Course Replacements For Graduate Certificates

Core required classes for the graduate certificates must be taken at UCCS in the Sociology department. A student can replace one graduate certificate elective course with an approved course taken at a different university. The student must email a copy of the course’s syllabus to the certificate coordinator in order to seek potential approval for the request for the substitution. They will also need to send an official copy of their transcripts to so that they can transfer in the class from another university.

Graduate Certificate Applications

Please declare your intent to pursue a certificate below or to submit a completion application after finishing the course requirements and supporting documents. Students planning to work on more than one certificate will need to submit a separate declaration and completion form for each certificate.

  • Sociology Graduate Certificate Declaration Form
  • Sociology Graduate Certificate Completion Form

Graduate Certificate: Disability Studies

  • Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies: Flyer

    Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies: flyer For further information regarding class courses for this certificate and other guidelines, please view the :

Graduate Certificate: Diversity

Graduate Certificate: Advanced Research Methods in Sociology

  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods in Sociology: Flyer

Graduate Certificate: Teaching Sociology

  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching Sociology: flyer