Gwen Chambers, MA

Gwen Chambers

Gwen Chambers, MA

Department of Sociology

Biographical Information

Guinevere "Gwen" Chambers is a lecturer at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs whose research interests include disability, medicine, gender, sexuality, social constructionism, conflict theory, and popular culture. She specializes in intersectional qualitative research and applied sociology, and is deeply involved in local community organizations and mutual aid efforts. She is an alum of UCCS, receiving bachelor's degrees in psychology and sociology with a minor in women's and ethnic studies, as well as a master of arts in sociology.

Guinevere's recent research has focused on the lived experiences of disabled adults in regard to police abuse, sexuality, and chronic pain. Outside of sociology, Guinevere plays the cello in local ensembles, enjoys visual arts and making jewelry, engages in activism and outreach work, and works as a therapist for disabled and low-income youth.

Recent publication: Chambers, G. (2023). “Disabled Sexuality and Negotiations with Sexual Partners.” Sexuality and Disability. (

Current Courses:

  • SOC 3350 - Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOC 4660 - Sociology of Medicine