Sociology, BA - Online Program

Sociology, BA

Online Completion Program

Program Delivery


Total Credits

120 Credits

About the Program

The Department of Sociology at UCCS offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology that can be completed completely online. This program equips students with theoretical and methodological frameworks that enable them to move beyond individual experiences and understand social life. Through the program's coursework, students examine the impact of diverse social identities, systems of stratification, and culture on the broader social structures in a global context, to promote equitable and just social change.

Focus of Study

The online Sociology program emphasizes critical thinking, understanding and analyzing social phenomena, and gaining knowledge about global and local societies, social behavior, and development. We also emphasize collecting, analyzing, and interpreting sociological data.

Students learn about social phenomena such as deviance, globalization, multiculturalism, structural inequality, and the intersections of race, class, and gender. The program prepares students for professional and community settings and provides a strong foundation for graduate study.

Program Requirements

If students have completed 60 credits at UCCS, or transfer in with an Associate's Degree, they will be able to complete their Bachelor of Arts at UCCS in sociology completely online. All required SOC courses are available online.

Program Coursework

Students who have completed 60 credit hours at UCCS or have transferred in with an Associate's degree are eligible for this program. All required Sociology courses are offered online at least once a year, with most being offered every semester, including summer.

In addition, a variety of elective courses, substantive courses, and Summit-flagged courses are available online each semester, including summer. Online students can also take advantage of the honors option for the Summit Experience (SOC 4980/4990).

For details on program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

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Admission Details

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