The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology Certificate

The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology

Undergraduate Certificate

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

12 Credits

About the Program

The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology advances critical thinking about race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and other socio-cultural hierarchies by focusing on dynamic relationships between the U.S. Government and marginalized populations within American society.

Focus of Study

The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology encourages a broader understanding of citizenship, democracy, obligations, participation, protest, and social justice. The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology helps, in part, to fulfill our vision that students develop and refine skills to shape a collective future in which equity and justice prevail.

Program Requirements

General Requirements:

To earn this certificate, students must first complete one of these two required courses with a grade of 3.3 or better:

  • SOC 2050: Introduction to Political Sociology
  • WEST 2100: WAP: Women and Protests


Students must then successfully complete any three of the following elective courses, again with a grade of 3.3 or better:

  • WEST 3080: Trans Studies: Fluidity, Politics & Identities
  • WEST 3900: iSi se puede!: Latinx Social Movements
  • WEST 4120: Indigenous Views on Sustainability: All My Relations
  • WEST 4338: Queering the State & Citizenship
  • SOC 3150: Social Theory
  • SOC 3300: Sociology of Sport
  • SOC 3410: Sociology of Law
  • SOC 3440: Community Leadership
  • SOC 4050: State and Society
  • SOC 4300: Sociology of Sport Seminar
  • SOC 4340: Political Sociology
  • SOC 4400: Social Movements
  • SOC 4600: Critical analysis of capitalism
  • WEST 3150/SOC: 3250 Power, Privilege, and Social Difference
  • WEST 3320/SOC 3270: Global Indigenous Issues
  • WEST/SOC 3230: Chicano/a Communities
  • WEST/SOC 3240: African American Communities
  • WEST/SOC 3280: Asian American Communities
  • WEST/SOC 4040: Sociology of Gender & Sexuality
  • WEST/SOC: 4380 Globalization & Development
  • WEST/SOC: 4470 Intersections of Privilege
  • WEST/SOC: 4480 Racial Storytelling: Montgomery Travel Course

Additional courses may be counted toward the certificate; however, these must be approved in advance by the certificate coordinator, Nick Lee. Independent studies may not be used to earn this certificate.

Program Coursework

For details on program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Intent and Completion Applications

Once admitted to UCCS, students choosing to pursue a certificate must submit a Certificate Declaration Form.

After completing the program requirements, the student must submit the Certificate Completion Form with all supporting documents uploaded where indicated on the form. Students planning to pursue multiple certificates will need to submit separate declaration and completion forms for each certificate.

Admission Details

Students wishing to enroll in a certificate program must turn in an application to the Certificate Coordinator, ideally when they declare their major.

Students are strongly encouraged to enroll by their junior year to ensure that certificate requirements are met.

Students that are not sociology majors or minors must complete three (3) credit hours of additional lower-division sociology credit before enrolling in the certificate program.

To learn more about admission requirements and the application process, please visit the UCCS Admissions page.

Additional resources for Admissions: