Teaching Sociology, Graduate Certificate

Teaching Sociology

Graduate Certificate

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

12 Credits

About the Program

The certificate consists of a three-semester sequence of courses, designed to prepare graduate students in sociology to teach at the university level.

  • Training in the development of university-level syllabi development and diversification
  • Training in sociology-specific pedagogy, including lesson planning and instructional design
  • Training in assessment
  • Both in-class and undergraduate guest lecture experience
  • Instruction in integrating technology into teaching
  • Training in how to teach the concepts of privilege and oppression in the classroom
  • Increase sensitivity and strategies to address the variety of sociological phenomena that regularly appear in university classrooms

For more information, contact the Certificate Coordinator, Heather Albanesi

Focus of Study

This certificate is offered to graduate students enrolled in the Master’s Program in Sociology and others who hold a BA from an accredited university in sociology or a closely-related field, and who have a GPA greater than 2.75. Any student who has not been admitted into the Master’s program must meet graduate admissions criteria.

Program Requirements

  • Each course applied to the program must be completed with a grade of at least 3.3.
  • To complete the program, students are required to submit a transcript and a five-page teaching philosophy.

Program Coursework

Course Requirements:

  • SOC 5160 - Social Theory II
  • SOC 5580 - Inclusive Teaching
  • SOC 5590 - Teaching Sociology

Student Teaching (Choose A or B):

Option A: SOC 5100 Teaching Practicum

SOC 5100 Teaching Practicum: Graduate Student Instructor (3 credit hours)

  • No financial compensation
  • Each student will work as a Teaching Assistant for one semester (attend classes, help grade, hold review sessions for exams, etc.).
  • Teaching assistants will teach at least two lectures or components of a lecture.
  • Teaching assistants will write a reflection paper at the conclusion of the course.

Option B. Paid Teaching Assistant

  • Paid $2000 for the semester.
  • Expectation of 10 hours/week (duties outlined in TA application).
  • Teaching assistants will teach at least two lectures or components of a lecture.

For details on program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Intent and Completion Applications

Once admitted to UCCS, students choosing to pursue a certificate must submit a Certificate Declaration Form.

After completing the program requirements, the student must submit the Certificate Completion Form with all supporting documents uploaded where indicated on the form. Students planning to pursue multiple certificates will need to submit separate declaration and completion forms for each certificate.