2021 Outstanding Sociology Undergraduate Award Winners

2021 Awards

Undergraduate Awards

Shanice Smith
2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Shanice Smith began her journey with UCCS during her junior year in high school. She was lucky enough to be a part of the concurrent enrollment program offered at Sierra High School. This program allowed her to graduate with her associate degree in General Studies. She returned to UCCS in Fall 2019 to obtain her dual degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. From that point on, she was taking classes every fall, spring, and summer semester. Sociology was always an interest of hers because she wanted to learn more about the function of society and the social relationships within it. Her academic journey with UCCS will come to an end in May 2021, as she graduates with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Shanice was the first in her family to graduate high school and is also a First-Generation college student. Although her father has not physically been here to witness her accomplishments, she knows he is proud and watching over her. She would like to give a huge thank you to her mother for always showing endless support and encouraging her to not give up.
Jason Rogers
2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Jason is originally from Alabama and relocated to Colorado in 2014 where he lives in Fremont County with his wife and five-year-old son. He is graduating in May 2021 with an undergraduate degree in sociology and has participated in the accelerated MA program. He begins graduate school at UCCS in the fall of 2021 in pursuit of a MA in sociology with a teaching certificate. His research interest includes class, stratification, power, and deviance in modern society as well as the continued development of diversity and inclusion within education. He currently works with Habitat for Humanity and serves as an intern with the UCCS Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion. After graduate school, Jason hopes to use his degree to teach sociology and work to create a more inclusive educational experience for students.

Graduate Award

Sherry Mason
2021 Outstanding Graduate Student
Sherry began her Master’s in Sociology in the Fall of 2018. During her time here, she was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Sociology Department and MOSAIC Gateway Program. From 2018-2020, she worked alongside the truly wonderful students and staff at the Multicultural Office of Student Access, Inclusiveness, and Community (MOSAIC) as the Graduate Assistant for Student Advocacy and Support. In 2019, Sherry collaborated with Dr. Jeffrey Montez de Oca on his research looking at socially conscious marketing. She presented this research at the 2019 North American Society for the Sociology of Sport conference and it was published as “Consuming for the Greater Good: “Woke” Commercials in Sports Media” in Communication and Sport (2020). Prior to this, Sherry earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology, cum laude, from the University of Central Oklahoma. Sherry will be pursuing a PhD upon earning her Masters.